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From photos and textures, to vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage, our network has a little something for everyone!

  • The trusted leader in unique Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, and more.

  • Free Wordpress Themes, Email and Website Templates for Web Developers.

  • The destination for amazing photography, icons, illustrations and more!

  • The go-to place to download free and high-definition video and b-roll footage.

Our network is the recognized leader in premium photos and textures, vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage. Eezy is a community of generous and creative designers and artists who contribute to the massive collection of literally tens of thousands of premium and free resources.

Our Team

A dedicated and passion-filled group of professionals that come from every corner of the globe. Each bringing their own expertise and quirks!

  • Shawn Rubel - Founder/CEO
    Shawn Rubel Founder/CEO

    Canadian Transplant. Entrepreneur.
    Hockey Player. Leafs fan.
    Mexican food fanatic. Doesn’t do spicy.

  • Adam Gamble - CTO
    Adam Gamble CTO

    Alabamian Author. Loves traveling, quadcopters, food, and quadcopters that deliver food while he's traveling.

  • Richard Fontenot - COO
    Richard Fontenot COO

    Excel Wizard. Fast-talking Family Man. Human Calculator. Wears a lot of hats.

  • Kevin Cooper - CMO
    Kevin Cooper CMO

    Marketing MacGyver. Mystery Solver. He calls Jersey home, but gourmet cheese is the way to his heart.

  • Joe Tudor - Contributor Product Manager
    Joe Tudor Contributor Product Manager

    Kentuckian. Content Creator. Food explorer. Garlic lover. Also has a cat named Garlic.

  • Pien Duijverman - Graphic Designer
    Pien Duijverman Graphic Designer

    Dutch Illustrator extraordinaire. Mother to Daantje. Lover of Coffee, Vectors, and the small details of small details.

  • Simone Rubio -  Digital Production Coordinator
    Simone Rubio Digital Production Coordinator

    New York Yogi. DIY Deodorant Maker. Living with a chronic case of wanderlust.

  • Adam Moore - Product Designer
    Adam Moore Product Designer

    Delightful Designer. Covertly Country. Likes Blues and local Coffee. Will work for tacos.

  • Rich Howard - Director of SEO
    Rich Howard Director of SEO

    Nebraska Native. Tech nerd. Enough outdoor knowledge to live in the woods. Hates snakes so he probably won’t do that.

  • Janice Kelley - Accounting
    Janice Kelley Accounting

    Friendly Financial Spellcaster. Supermom. Agriculturist. Pro-chocolate and energetic like the Tasmanian Devil.

  • Elissa Wyne - Demand Generation Manager
    Elissa Wyne Demand Generation Manager

    Motivated Michigander. Secret superhero. Takes road trips and suffers from sushi addiction.

  • Casey Hehner - Marketing Specialist
    Casey Hehner Marketing Specialist

    Knee-deep in graphics. Waist-deep in analytics. Rookie gardener. Just discovered broccoli grows above ground.

  • Erin Dill - Customer Service
    Erin Dill Customer Service

    Californian Content Wrangler. Artsy. Crafty. Outdoorsy. Veteran gardener. Chicken Whisperer. Lover of all things Vintage.

  • Sydnee Dorris - Customer Service
    Sydnee Dorris Customer Service

    Tucson Transplant. Loves singing in the car. Has a cat named Little Jerry Seinfeld. Support expert. Community glue.

  • Shelby Smith - Front-End Engineer
    Shelby Smith Front End Engineer

    Developer by day, wicked bass player by night. Codes fast and eats gummy bears even faster. Comic book collector and former tattooer.

  • Troy Martin - Senior Rails Engineer
    Troy Martin Senior Rails Engineer

    Canadian Coder. Music Man. Hails from an Indian reservation and requires coffee to function. Fearless.

  • Dalton Rowe - Front End Engineer
    Dalton Rowe Front End Engineer

    Punkrock engineer meets sticker junkie. Music. Video Games. Internet. Yeah, he’s pretty hardcore.

  • Brady Somerville - Senior Engineer
    Brady Somerville Senior Engineer

    Developer. Deadhead. Teller of dad jokes. Will play guitar in your old-timey string band.

  • Sara Riazi - Product Owner
    Sara Riazi Product Owner

    Wanderer. Gardener. Low-Key Scientist. Dogs are her happy place.

  • Sumanth Nadadur - Junior Engineer
    Sumanth Nadadur Junior Engineer

    Trekkie. Techie. AI Genius. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

  • Jeff Gray - QA Engineer
    Jeff Gray QA Engineer

    Nashville Native. Expert Engineer. Destroying developer dreams one bug at a time and still living to tell the tale.

  • Brett Oliver - Front End Engineer
    Brett Oliver Front End Engineer

    Application Maker. Guitar Shredder. His beagle is the best beagle.

  • Aleks Clark - Senior Engineer
    Aleks Clark Senior Engineer

    Creator of 3D prints. Keeper of computer parts. Maker of soaps. If he’s not coding, he’s probably working on a hobby.

  • Maddie Garnett - HR Manager
    Maddie Garnett HR Manager

    Visitor of 13 countries and counting. Golden Girls fanatic. You could say she’s traveled down a road and back again.

  • Abi Dunn - Executive Assistant | Office Manager
    Abi Dunn Executive Assistant | Office Manager

    Crafter. Foodie. Volleyballer. Amateur Chef. Bubble Tea Fanatic.

  • Paul Friesen - Director of Content
    Paul Friesen Director of Content

    Cool Canadian. Photography Focused. Skateboard Savvy. Allegedly owns world’s cutest dog.

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