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Our Network

From Photoshop brushes and textures, to vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage, our network has a little something for everyone!

  • The trusted leader in unique Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, and more.

  • Free Wordpress Themes, Email and Website Templates for Web Developers.

  • The destination for every type of vector asset including icons, illustrations and more.

  • The go-to place to download free and high-definition video and b-roll footage.

Our network is the recognized leader in premium Photoshop brushes and textures, vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage. Eezy is a community of generous and creative designers and artists who contribute to the massive collection of literally tens of thousands of premium and free resources.

Our Team

A dedicated and passion-filled group of professionals that come from every corner of the globe. Each bringing their own expertise and quirks!

  • Shawn Rubel - Founder/CEO
    Shawn Rubel Founder/CEO

    Canadian Transplant. Entrepreneur.
    Hockey Player. Leafs fan.
    Mexican food fanatic. Doesn’t do spicy.

  • Adam Gamble - CTO
    Adam Gamble CTO

    Alabamian Author. Loves traveling, quadcopters, food, and quadcopters that deliver food while he's traveling.

  • Richard Fontenot - COO
    Richard Fontenot COO

    Excel Wizard. Fast-talking Family Man. Human Calculator. Wears a lot of hats.

  • Janice Kelley - Accounting
    Janice Kelley Accounting

    Friendly Financial Spellcaster. Supermom. Agriculturist. Pro-chocolate and energetic like the Tasmanian Devil.

  • Erin Dill - Community Manager
    Erin Dill Content Manager

    Californian Content Wrangler. Artsy. Crafty. Outdoorsy. Veteran gardener. Chicken Whisperer. Lover of all things Vintage.

  • Casey Hehner - Marketing Manager
    Casey Hehner Marketing Manager

    Knee-deep in graphics. Waist-deep in analytics. Rookie gardener. Just discovered broccoli grows above ground.

  • Sydnee Dorris - Community Manager
    Sydnee Dorris Community Manager

    Tucson Transplant. Loves singing in the car. Has a cat named Little Jerry Seinfeld. Support expert. Community glue.

  • Brittney Usrey - Customer Service
    Brittney Usrey Customer Service

    Minnesotan Adventure-Hunter. Support Guru. Dessert Devotee. Travel Enthusiast.

  • Colton Watson - Ad Ops
    Colton Watson Ad Ops

    Part Hoosier, part Kentuckian. Problem-Solver. PB&J Eater. Plans on exploring the world one frequent-flyer mile at a time.

  • Hilary Normanha - International Product Manager
    Hilary Normanha International Product Manager

    Tar Heel Treehugger. Language-Loving Bookworm. Mama Bear. Dreams about raising a pig.

  • Joe Tudor - Content Director
    Joe Tudor Content Director

    Kentuckian. Content Creator. Food explorer. Garlic lover. Also has a cat named Garlic.

  • Troy Martin - Rails Engineer
    Troy Martin Rails Engineer

    Canadian Coder. Music Man. Hails from an Indian reservation and requires coffee to function. Fearless.

  • Joe Simms - Rails Engineer
    Joe Simms Rails Engineer

    Top-notch Technophile. Board Game Booster. Cat rescuer. Will survive the apocalypse by making artisan meats and cheeses.

  • Seth Messer - Senior Developer
    Seth Messer Senior Developer

    Developer living in The Heart of Dixie. Can build anything, anywhere, any time. Has a canine sidekick named Kona.

  • Pien Duijverman - Graphic Designer
    Pien Duijverman Graphic Designer

    Dutch Illustrator extraordinaire. Mother to Daantje. Lover of Coffee, Vectors, and the small details of small details.

  • Matt Wilson - Graphic Designer
    Matt Wilson Graphic Designer

    Professional Drawing Person. Georgia Peach. Sci-fi master and pizza aficionado. Hand-lettering virtuoso.

  • Jared Rowe - Motion Design & Video
    Jared Rowe Motion Design & Video

    Florida-based Filmmaker. Doting Dad. Cinephile. Appreciates comedy, cooking, and good conversation.

  • Kaitlin Westbrook - Content Marketing
    Kaitlin Westbrook Content Marketing

    Right-handed writer. Farmer’s Kid. Pun Professional. Dolly Parton is kind of her hero.

  • Shelby Smith - Themezy Content Creator
    Shelby Smith Themezy Content Creator

    Wordpress Developer by day, wicked bass player by night. Codes fast and eats gummy bears even faster. Comic book collector and former tattooer.

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