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Our Network

From Photoshop brushes and textures, to vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage, our network has a little something for everyone!

  • The trusted leader in unique Photoshop brushes, patterns, textures, and more.

  • The destination for every type of vector asset including icons, illustrations and more.

  • The go-to place to download free and high-definition video and b-roll footage.

Our network is the recognized leader in premium Photoshop brushes and textures, vector illustrations, and high-quality video footage. Eezy is a community of generous and creative designers and artists who contribute to the massive collection of literally tens of thousands of premium and free resources.

Our Team

A dedicated and passion-filled group of professionals that come from every corner of the globe. Each bringing their own expertise and quirks!

  • Shawn Rubel - Founder/CEO
    Shawn Rubel Founder/CEO

    Canadian Transplant. Entrepreneur.
    Hockey Player. Leafs fan.
    Mexican food fanatic. Doesn’t do spicy.

  • Adam Gamble - CTO
    Adam Gamble CTO

    Alabamian Author. Loves traveling, quadcopters, food, and quadcopters that deliver food while he's traveling.

  • Erin Dill - Community Manager
    Erin Dill Content Manager

    Californian Content Wrangler. Artsy. Crafty. Outdoorsy. Veteran gardener. Chicken Whisperer. Lover of all things Vintage.

  • Casey Hehner - Marketing Manager
    Casey Hehner Marketing Manager

    Knee-deep in graphics. Waste-deep in analytics. Rookie gardener. Just discovered broccoli grows above ground.

  • Radu Cioplea - SEO Manager
    Radu Cioplea SEO Manager

    Austrian Analyst. Website Doctor. Analytical Optimizer. Quadcopter Photographer. Lover of Legos.

  • Pien Duijverman - Graphic Designer
    Pien Duijverman Graphic Designer

    Dutch Illustrator extraordinare. Mother to Daantje. Lover of Coffee, Vectors, and the small details of small details.

  • Jonathan Spies - Rails Engineer
    Jonathan Spies Rails Engineer

    Blond-bearded API wrangler. Rubyist on Railist. Technological genius. Keeps Austin weird one day at a time.

  • Joe Nyaggah - Front-End Designer
    Joe Nyaggah Front-End Designer

    Squeaky clean coder. Loves sandwiches, design, and a nicely designed sandwich. Stick figure doodling expert.

  • Sydnee Dorris - Community Manager
    Sydnee Dorris Community Manager

    Tucson Transplant. Loves singing in the car. Has a cat named Little Jerry Seinfeld. Support expert. Community glue.

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