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Senior Software Engineer

About the Role

Over the years we’ve found that individuals who possess the following qualities thrive in this type of role. If you see yourself reflected in these statements, then we should talk!

  • You enjoy working in an agile manner inside of a fully-distributed workforce.
  • You’re a well-rounded engineer, with demonstrated experience. Over the years you’ve probably earned a few battle scars around application monitoring, testing methodologies and fault tolerance.
  • You want to know “the why” behind the features you’re developing so that you can implement the best possible solution for everyone.
  • You’re a nice, smart person and want to work with nice, smart people. We believe that having a great attitude, exhibiting awesome communication skills and being a genuinely empathetic person are must-have qualities.
  • You have a strong desire to own your growth through experimentation. You explore new technologies and try to sharpen your skills every day.
  • You enjoy helping your peers and those around you understand how the technologies you know can improve the lives of customers.
  • You enjoy distilling your own experience, knowledge, and architecture decisions into diagrams and documentation that allow your teammates to more easily implement and discuss our technologies.
  • You have a willingness to teach and mentor other engineers throughout the software development process – through code reviews, during architecture discussions and sometimes by pairing.
  • You would like to join an organization where everyone from the CEO down is conscious of work-life balance and the realities of burnout. We work hard when we’re at work, but we want you to set it aside at the end of the day and do the things that rejuvenate your mind and body.

We’re looking to hire well-rounded engineers to grow our team, not trying to fill a specific role. We’ve found that software engineers with a mix of broad knowledge in a lot of areas and deeper knowledge in a few niches tend to be able to have the greatest, positive impact throughout the organization.

Overall, our company culture is possibly Eezy’s strongest attribute. We expect our leadership team to exemplify our core values themselves, and to work hard to create an environment of mutual trust, empowerment, openness and flexibility across the board.

Nice to Have
  • We have a mix of up-to-date as well as older Rails codebases. Experience with refactoring Ruby & Rails codebases would be really welcome.
  • Performance & profiling experience. You’ve optimized a slow template’s rendering, or identified a slow query and done work to make the query faster or rearrange the data to eliminate a troublesome area in the past, etc.
  • Experience with functional programming in languages such as Elixir, Scala, or Rust. We’ve been trending towards designs that run in a direction influenced by functional patterns, to try to clean up some messy legacy code.
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