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Senior Frontend Engineer

About the Role

Each senior engineer at Eezy is expected to step outside their immediate work and to think about how they can maximize their impact for our organization as a whole.

Over the years we’ve found that individuals who possess the following qualities thrive in this type of role. If you see yourself reflected in these statements, then we should talk!

  • A strong desire to own your growth through experimentation within the frontend stack. You’re always playing with new technologies and sharpen your skills every day.
  • You enjoy helping your peers and those around you understand how the technologies you’re well-versed in can improve the lives of our customers.
  • You thrive in a small, cross-functional squad that brings together a product manager, visual designer and frontend, backend and quality engineers.
  • You enjoy distilling your own experience and knowledge, as well as your team’s shared knowledge, into diagrams, documentation and materials that improve communication and team resiliency.
  • You enjoy working in an agile manner inside of a fully-distributed workforce.

As we plan projects and new features for our customers, it’s required that you have strong opinions that stem from your depth of experience. It’s simultaneously expected that you hold them loosely and be open to collaborative, constructive feedback that ensures we all grow together.


No individual knows everything, and we are seeking a T-shaped engineer to help us with this position. We believe that having a great attitude, exhibiting awesome communication skills and being a genuinely nice person to be around are a lot tougher to teach than hard skills.

  • 5+ years of experience in JavaScript. Familiarity with TypeScript and the ability to compare and contrast a variety of technologies to help decide direction of our tech stack.
  • Deep expertise and experience in React, JavaScript state containers (like Redux or MobX), and managing performance and optimization of a large number of React components.
  • Experience with frontend design systems and React component styling libraries.
  • Experience identifying and developing valuable unit, integration and regression tests.
  • Expert level experience with Git version control.
  • Experience with WebPack or other build systems.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, SCSS accessibility and general web standards.
  • Experience integrating with APIs, persisting data, caching and refreshing.
  • Experience in leading and guiding other developers through architecture and design discussions.
Nice to Have
  • Experience in an MVC framework (RoR, Laravel, etc.) with an emphasis on a templating language.
  • Experience working with a variety of design related graphics formats including SVG, EPS, PNG and PSD. Working knowledge of vector graphics, raster images and video file formats.
  • Experience with the frontend concerns of uploading files, generating thumbnail previews, and image caching.
  1. Participate in the agile rhythms and processes that allow us to effectively plan, estimate and execute on work in a predictable and timely manner.
  2. Work within your squad to produce clean, consistent, maintainable code that helps us to accomplish our product roadmap within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Collaboratively formulate the technical strategy for your squad with an eye towards both short and long-term goals.
  4. Provide senior level architecture and software design skills when tough engineering challenges for your team or the frontend discipline arise.
  5. Demonstrate a strong affinity for the customer through maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail both in the code you write, and in any usability areas that your team is responsible for.
  6. Conduct code reviews for your team and within the frontend discipline in a manner and tone that is respectful, collaborative and helps everyone get better at the engineering craft.
  7. Assist in the triage, debugging and resolution of any production-level bugs or outages that impact the areas your team is responsible for. Work to conduct post-mortems and root cause analysis to ensure the learnings and actions are distilled into our organization.
  8. Work to create the diagrams, documentation and “communication accelerators” that indicate you deeply understand the inner-workings of systems in your care.
  9. Work to deeply understand the product vision and strategy. Communicate and collaborate with product managers, engineering managers and your teammates to stay abreast of emerging technologies that help us to solve customer problems in new, more effective ways.
  10. Communicate and collaborate with engineering managers to address any risks, vulnerabilities and tech debt associated with the technology in your care.
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